From day one the folks at Drone racing int have been very receptive and welcoming.

Dave and the guys always make sure to encourage each and every person who posts on the page, no matter if they are new or have been flying for years they give you the same respect and consideration.

As a new fpv pilot I have not once felt as if I could not post a vid or pic to the page. 4 months in they have watched me go from beginner to intermediate and have encouraged me from my first day in the group.

Thanks Dave and the admins for keeping the page positive and encouraging for all to enjoy, learn and fly together as a whole for the community of droners across the globe!! JOSHUA MATHEWS MOON

Drone racing international is one of the best FPV groups there is. Top notch, cool and knowledgeable people. VICTOR VECTOR

I feel more comfortable posting in this group when trying to look for help or positive feedback. LUCIAN FLAITZ

This is the most well balanced group of any sport or hobby ive ever seen .. TY for doing it !!! I know its time consuming and hard to keep up but TY man sincerely! Guys like you keep the sport alive! PAUL FRANCO

Thanks for creating and maintaining a group that is completely drama free. Not sure how you do it or why it only happens here, but it is pretty amazing when you think about it either way. RYAN SILVERNAIL

I just wanted to let you know that I somehow just got the word about your group few days ago...!
I got in...
and man....
ive got to tell you...
you have an amazing supportive group!
I love it!
If you need anything from Israel.. I will be your guy 🙂
Great great Job!!!
really great! AVIAD NIDAM